Referral Program
by Synapsica

Refer Synapsica to your Friends,
Radiologists, Diagnostic Centers, Teleradiologists or Hospitals
You will win exciting rewards!

How much discount will I get?

You will get a 25% discount on all transactions made by you for the next 3 months. The same discount will also be applicable to your referral.

Whom can I refer? And, can I refer multiple times?

You can refer anyone who is willing to use RADIOLens or any of our AI assistants. And, yes you can refer multiple times, in this case, your discount will increase. Contact our sales team for further details on this.

When will the offer start?

The discount offer will begin when the referral will start using our software. We’ll send you an email confirmation.

Whom to reach out for the process or correction on my inovice?

If in any case, you get the wrong invoice generated, please reach out to us and we’ll resolve your issue. You can write to us at highlighting the concern, we’ll work with you to resolve the problem.

What are the other services provided by Synapsica?

We have RADIOLens which is the fastest AI PACS, Following AI Assistants – 1. Spindle, 2. SpindleX and 3. Crescent and Teleradiology Services.

Let's share the joy of using RADIOLens!

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