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  • Reduce your Report Turnaround Time by 80%.
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Teleradiology Reporting

Get quick diagnosis or second reads rapidly, improving your reporting turnaround time.

Enhance your Radiology service with leading Teleradiologists across the globe to help with preliminary and secondary reads.

Get accurate interpretation for all imaging modalities, ensuring better patient care and satisfaction.


Remote reporting with Teleradiology has been used more than
5 Million times!

Radiologists have loved using our Teleradiology services


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Our highly trained AI can do 2X tasks of Radiologist at 1/5th the cost.

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Manage Heavy Volumes with Quick Turn Around Time

Cost Effective

40% lesser Reporting Costs


80% Faster Turn around Time

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Remote Teleradiology Service Models to focus on your goals!
Customized Reporting
Subspeciality Services
MVA and Injury reporting
Musculoskeletal Reporting
Weekends/ Holidays Reporting
Nighthawk Reporting
Emergency Nighthawk Reporting
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For MVA Specialists
(Reading Age of Injury)

Get quality preliminary and final reads for personal injury in MVA(Motor Vehicle Accident) or TPL (Third-Party Liability) claims customized to suit your business needs.

We help specialists identify the extent and age of trauma to file their reports for insurance claims, which are supported by argumentative and evidence based reporting, vetted by multiple Radiologists, to establish presence or absence of a trauma related injury.

Our subspecialists cover all modalities including MRI and X Ray exams of spine and upper and lower extremities for vehicle accident injury, whiplash, work related injury, sports related injuries, etc.


Modalities We Cover

Cardiac Imaging
Breast Imaging
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Abdominal Radiology
Abdominal Radiology
Pediatric Radiology
Pediatric Radiology
Onco Radiology
Onco Radiology
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Thoracic Radiology
Personal and work related injuries
X Ray | CT | MRI | USG | MMG | PET CT

What Our Customers Say About Us

Initially, It took us a leap of faith to build a relationship with Synapsica which we now very dearly value.

Your preliminary reads are terrifically accurate and there have been only one minor issue, which doesn’t impact patient management, in over 2000 reports. With our previous provider we had to send back 4 - 5 cases for review each month. What we love is the month-end report for our practice with self ascertained improvement areas and targets for next month. Synapsica has been an awesome serendipity for our business!

Chief Operating Officer Medical Imaging Centert - New Richmond WI
I have been discussing reading by remote radiologists with my partners for over a year to reduce our costs. Our biggest concern was about communicating with Rads thousands of miles away.

We found your team to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable and delivered great quality subspecialty and over-reads for us. There has been a significant drop in the number of issues we faced with our clients. And with the competitive prices offered we were able to double our productivity per dollar spent. Finding Synapsica has been a great business decision for us!

Chief Business Officer Outpatient Imaging Center - San Jose CA
We wanted the benefits of outsourcing our overreading and subspecialty pre-reading services but we didn't want our clients to know nor allow outsourcing partner to get in direct touch with our clients.

That's when we found Synapsica. They have been a trusted partner, working behind the scenes with us to improve our reading services quality, delivery time and business costs. They are proactive with any issues and instantly available over our messages. Highly recommended.

Chief Medical Officer TeleMedicine Practice - Katy TX
We were incurring locum expenses on night time reading and second opinions in our practice These expenses had negative returns on the income and were impacting our margins.

When we began, over the next couple of weeks I was impressed by their ability to customize preliminary reads matching our reporting style and needs. Over time, they were able to produce reports identical to our own radiologists. Our radiologists now process the preliminary reads faster than ever. It's like having our inhouse team working on boosters.

Director Community Health Network - North Carolina

Service models

FTE x2 Program

- Get the value of FTE radiologists at 1/5 th of the cost.
- You don't have to go looking or compete with hospitals for talented
- This subspecialist FTE takes no sick leaves, vacations or weekends
and covers your practice round the clock with preliminary reports.
- You get customized structured reports that match your reporting
style, meaning near zero edits.

Fee per study program

- No volume commitment.
- You pay only for what you send us to read.
- Reduce costs of locums and manage overflows in real time.
- We have got your back for all subspecialty reports and
over-reading round the year.
- Forget reporting hassles and focus on expanding business and
deepening client relationships.

Case Studies

We provide superior service with quick execution.

An Imaging Center in Philadelphia PA was able to expand relationships and volumes with subspecialty clients.

Further expanding their business, the practice had initiated relationships with new clients to source subspecialty oncology and MSK cases. The initial volume was low and required only an addition of half subspecialist FTE to existing 1 subspecialist. This led to over-expenditure on locums, increased pressure on existing rads and under par delivery to their new clients.

Synapsica started services within a day of signing and read all MSK and oncology cases. With pre-reads available, existing subspecialists only took half the time to finish the cases and saved 70% of the actual FTE cost. They were able to resume the promised quality with double reads on each case and saw volumes from new clients double over the next 3 months.

An Imaging Center in Portland, Oregon managed business after the loss of One-Third of Radiologists.

A nine-radiologist practice that had recently lost 3 of its radiologists to retirement and relocation. It became impossible to keep up with their main hospital client's expectations. The impact was in general and affected their other relationships as well.

We provided FTE x2 services for 6 FTE units. Their existing radiologist could clear reports at double the rate with given pre-reads. The center was able to cover for the lost workforce at 30% of the cost and resume normal operations and relationships.

A three-hospital system in California managed an excessive backlog at speed.

The client was facing an excessive backlog in their radiology department which needed to be cleared quickly because of administrative pressures. They were looking for a reliable provider to service different modalities including CT, X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, etc at high speeds.

At Synapsica the first challenge came in form of understanding their PACS Imaging system and clinical documentation structure which were not integrated. Our team set up a reading process within 2 days and started on the project. We cleared the backlog of over 2000 cases within 10 days. We identified gaps in abdominal and MSK subspecialty reporting and offered and started 2 units of FTE x2 service to prevent future piling up of cases.

A Motion X-Ray Reading Business in Florida used Al assistance for objective and reproducible reading.

The practice was facing discrepancies in their reporting and received back cases for the second reading. There was an impact on relationships both with Rads and clients as well as financially.

Our technology team proposed the potential use of Al to solve the problem of reproducibility of exams. A dedicated team of radiologists and engineers was formed which was trained for 2 weeks without any fee. Our team provided pre-reads for the x rays meanwhile the tech team developed a platform and Al where DMX could be reported. After rigorous clinical testing, Al assistance was deployed to reduce turn-around times from 24 hrs to 1 hr and saw a significant fall in case returns. Now the practice is looking to double its business armed with this new value proposition.

What is the report turnaround time?

Our report turnaround time is 2 hours in standard cases and 1 hour in emergency cases. We keep our users updated on the TAT on holidays and  we will keep you updated on the regular turnaround times if not being followed and accordingly you can manage patients at your centers.

How does your Radiologist panel look?

Our panel consists of expert radiologists from leading institutions like PGI, AIIMS, etc.

Can we get reports from preferred radiologists?

You can share your preference with us. We distribute cases as per the availability and workload of the preferred radiologist. It’s usually distributed in a round-robin fashion.

How to coordinate for reports?

Reports are shared directly with you on your RADIOLens account when finalized. If in case, there is a problem you can call us on our report coordination number +91 9013234161 or send us an email at

If we would like to have a second opinion, how can we proceed?

If you’d like to have a second opinion, you can coordinate with us and update your requirements. Email us at or call us on our direct line at +91 9013234161

Can we discuss with the reporting radiologist for any particular case?

Yes, you can coordinate with us on our direct line number for report coordination (+91 9013234161) or email us at and change/ update your requirement. For more details, please visit

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