Radiology workflow solutions with AI

Pending FDA 510(k) Clearance


AI products that seamlessly integrate into your PACS and radiology workflow and enable radiologists to automate tasks and provide efficient patient care.

Workflow solution

How does the AI assist Radiologists?

With the growing demand for medical imaging in healthcare, radiologists are drowning in data. And, this often leads to an increase in reporting errors, high workload, and cluttered workflow.


AI enables radiologists to automate most of their repetitive tasks, identifies standard mensuration, and helps them generate high-quality, evidence-based reports. This will help the referring doctors and physicians make confident decisions with accurate data and intuitive workflow for better patient care.

AI will Empower your Radiology Workflows

Intelligent Reporting

Get AI-enabled quantitative
and qualitative insights to
boost your reporting speed.

Best AI experience

Identity, characterize and classify
key elements with the best accuracy,
with zero loss in quality of the image
and the fastest loading speeds.

Convenient Workflows

Optimize the workload with risk
scores that automatically prioritise
high-risk cases.

Smart suggestions

Use smart suggestions in template
search for the report and use pre-filled
illustrative report templates or customise
quickly for standardized clinical communication.

Predictive Analytics

Use our AI assistants to analyse
risks and predict signs of early
degeneration for better diagnosis.

Platform Independent

Get uninterrupted access across

Our AI algorithms are highly trained and provide up to 99% accurate assessments with quantitative and qualitative biomarkers and mensuration.


RADIOLens | Synapsica

Pending FDA 510(k) Clearance

AI-enabled PACS solution for smoother radiology workflows. It automatically detects bad quality scans and creates preliminary reports for some of the most common modalities.

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Tele-Radiology | Synapsica

Enhance your radiology service with leading Teleradiologists across the globe to help with preliminary and secondary reads. Reduce your reporting turnaround time by 80%.

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Automate your radiology workflow and reduce reporting errors with smart and secure AI-based solutions.

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