Spindle - Smart AI Reporting Assistant for MRI Spine

A State of Art AI engine to help you generate High-Quality Reports
What is Spindle?

Save up to 70% of your reporting time!

The Fastest MRI Spine Report Generation with a Single click. Generate fully customised reports within 60 seconds!
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Save your reporting time
Spindle Workflow

Detailed Quantification of Pathologies

Create objective reports for clear communication and monitor disease progression with Quantification.

The exact location and extent of pathologies are automatically quantified and presented to the user.

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Bring Automation to Radiologists!

Helping radiologists across the world by introducing automation into mundane and laborious tasks to
provide them more time to focus on clinical correlation.
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Spindle provides Accuracy of ~93-99%

Assists in Decision Making!

Spindle provides accurate measurements and pinpoint the issues for easier diagnosis.

It generates preliminary reports with AI for detailed illustrations and a clear understanding of referring doctors and patients.

Standardized Mensuration of various Spinal Elements

Along with Intelligent reporting, it also helps in maintaining consistent communication across all clinicians!
Thecal Sac Compression identified by Spindle
Thecal Sac Stenosis

Spondyolisthesis identified by Spindle

Schmorls Nodes
Schmorls Node

Possible LSTV | Spine reporting by Spindle
LSTV Identification

How accurate is Spindle in measurements?

Spindle provides up to 99% accuracy in measurements. It automatically segments vertebral bodies and labels them accurately even in presence of congenital abnormalities. It quantitatively measures the central canal and thecal sac diameter and intervertebral disc heights.

Where is it being used currently?

Radiology departments in MRI-focused Diagnostic Centers, Tele-reporting centers and Hospitals, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons.

Does your AI (Spindle) integrate with my existing PACS?

Spindle is a cloud-based AI solution that is compatible with all PACS, DICOM Viewers, or HL7 systems and the measurements and reports generated via spindle can be accessed via any device or operating system as long as they have internet access.

What certifications and research validations does Spindle have?

We are compliant with SOC2 and HIPAA. We have applied for 510(k) clearance from FDA.

How much time would it take to install it at my center?

It takes less than 15 minutes. Spindle does not require any specific hardware setup and can be used from any computer with a browser (Chrome, Firefox) and an internet connection.

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