SpindleX - Smart AI reporting assistant for Stress X-Rays of Spine

FDA 510(k) cleared

SpindleX generates high-quality stress X-Ray reports of the Spine Instantaneously!

Experience The Fastest AI Assistant for Stress X-Rays of Spine.

Save patient visits to the clinic and provide enhanced analysis for better decision support!
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Save more than 80% of your reporting time!

Instant Image Analysis with Single-click Report Generation.

SpindleX provides support in creation of detailed quantitative (measurements) and illustrative (annotated images) analysis even in the absence of diagnostic expertise.

Save reporting time
SpindleX - Angular and Translation Motion

Analyze Rotational and Translational Defects!

It measures baseline angles and checks for convergence of baselines. It also helps in grading the severity of loss of motion segment integrity, with clear quantification of translational motion.

Confident Decision Making

Predict Early Signs of Degeneration like Spinal Instability, Intersegmental Motion, etc.

AMA Guidelines

SpindleX follows AMA (American Medical Association) guidelines for Spinal Impairment to evaluate ligament subluxation and injury.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically generate impressions and a complete report for providers

Make this revolutionary tech your Assistant!

It not only generates qualitative reports with detailed visual and graphical illustrations but also provides quantitative findings such as, quantification of all abnormalities, and predictions for degenerative diseases.
  • Instantly generate the best stress x-ray report for better decision support!
  • SpindleX automatically provides insightful quantitative findings!
  • Get your analysis fully customized as per your requirements
  • Set it up in 15 minutes at any center. It doesn’t require any specific hardware setup, can be used from any computer.
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Is Spindle different from SpindleX?

Yes, Spindle is our AI reporting assistant for MRI Spine whereas SpindleX is our AI reporting assistant for Stress X-Rays of the Spine. Spindle helps in the measurement of key vertebral elements, whereas SpindleX helps in motion-related issues, predicting signs of early degeneration, etc.

What measurements does it provide?

SpindleX makes advanced measurements to assess biomarkers of spinal instability, non-disc ligament injury, and subluxation of the spine that don’t get captured in MRI exams.

Does your AI (SpindleX) integrate with my existing PACS?

SpindleX is a cloud-based AI solution that is compatible with all PACS, DICOM Viewers, or HL7 systems and the measurements and reports generated via spindleX can be accessed via any device or operating system as long as they have internet access. Read about RADIOLens, AI PACS by Synapsica.

How much time would it take to install it at my center?

It takes less than 15 minutes. SpindleX does not require any specific hardware setup and can be used from any computer with a browser (Chrome, Firefox) and an internet connection.

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