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Spindle Report

Fast & Accurate
Spindle for MRI Spine

In a MRI spine scan, the Spindle labels vertebral levels, measures central canal diameter, vertebral compression fractures, disc degeneration, vertebral displacements etc. to create objective measures of degenerative changes in the spine.

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Digital Motion X-ray
with SpindleX

In Stress X-Rays of the spine, SpindleX takes reporting a step further and fully automates the process by providing the ability to generate a complete radiology report with a single click of a button.

AI prepares a preliminary report with appropriate text and key images bringing further efficiency to the reporting process.

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Spindle Xreport

Sample Reports for other Modalities

MRI Right Shoulder without Contrast


MRI Right Wrist with Forearm


MRI Left Ankle


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XR -Chest, NCCT -Head, MRI Lumbar Spine, MRI Cervical Spine, MRI Hip Joints, CT Neck and Abdomen and a lot more!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Initially, It took us a leap of faith to build a relationship with Synapsica which we now very dearly value.

Your preliminary reads are terrifically accurate and there have been only one minor issue, which doesn’t impact patient management, in over 2000 reports. With our previous provider we had to send back 4 - 5 cases for review each month. What we love is the month-end report for our practice with self ascertained improvement areas and targets for next month. Synapsica has been an awesome serendipity for our business!

Chief Operating Officer Medical Imaging Center - New Richmond WI
I have been discussing reading by remote radiologists with my partners for over a year to reduce our costs. Our biggest concern was about communicating with Rads thousands of miles away.

We found your team to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable and delivered great quality subspecialty and over-reads for us. There has been a significant drop in the number of issues we faced with our clients. And with the competitive prices offered we were able to double our productivity per dollar spent. Finding Synapsica has been a great business decision for us!

Chief Business Officer Outpatient Imaging Center - San Jose CA
We wanted the benefits of outsourcing our overreading and subspecialty pre-reading services but we didn't want our clients to know nor allow outsourcing partner to get in direct touch with our clients.

That's when we found Synapsica. They have been a trusted partner, working behind the scenes with us to improve our reading services quality, delivery time and business costs. They are proactive with any issues and instantly available over our messages. Highly recommended.

Chief Medical Officer TeleMedicine Practice - Katy TX
We were incurring locum expenses on night time reading and second opinions in our practice These expenses had negative returns on the income and were impacting our margins.

When we began, over the next couple of weeks I was impressed by their ability to customize preliminary reads matching our reporting style and needs. Over time, they were able to produce reports identical to our own radiologists. Our radiologists now process the preliminary reads faster than ever. It's like having our inhouse team working on boosters.

Director Community Health Network - North Carolina

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