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AI reporting assistant for MRI spine. Save 70% of your reporting time.

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Fastest AI reporting assistant for stress X-rays of the spine.

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Streamline your radiology workflow with AI-backed PACS software.

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Holiday Teleradiology

Cover cases during holidays at ¾ of reading cost.

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Less time, more reports!

If you are still spending 10-15 minutes creating a spine report, you are already behind the 55% of radiologists who use AI to generate spine reports.

Upload, Sort, and Measure spine images in seconds with the help of AI. Get customized spine reports with quantitative measurements in just a click.

With this, you can reduce your TAT upto 80% and cover an extra number of cases.

Now you know why our users get time to spend with family, play with their dog or binge watch that new show on Netflix.

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Reports that referring physician love

Don’t leave your spine reports to subjective observations and guesswork.

Referring physicians find comprehensive reports with quantitative detailing more useful and are more likely to refer patients to your practice.

With our AI reporting tools, you can identify and measure 10+ pathologies related to spine health and transfer these directly to your report.

Objective data = Better diagnosis = Better treatment

Precision on budget

Don’t let errors creep into your spine reports.

With an accuracy ranging from 93%-99% or upto 99%, our AI tools provide a measurement that both radiologists and surgeons can rely on.

Great quality doesn’t mean costly always. Our AI reporting solutions come in pay per use model and at a price that ensures great RoI.

Intelligent reporting

With the help of our AI software, radiologists can save time in preparing reports, leaving them enough time to focus on providing better clinical correlation.

Our tools automatically detect bad-quality scans, create preliminary reports for major modalities, enable clinical collaboration, and improve workflow efficiency.

With better insights and diagnoses, surgeons and physicians can detect abnormalities at an early stage and plan a better course of treatment.

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