Enabling better healthcare in Radiology

At Synapsica, we are creating AI-first PACS and radiology workflow solution that is fast, secure and automates reporting tasks, helping radiologists create high quality reports quicker.

Our Goal is to enable radiologists with fast, easy to use AI technology that helps generate high quality, evidence-based reports to significantly improve patient care.

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Culture at Synapsica

We believe in diversity. We have people first policy, and we provide equal opportunity to everyone to communicate passionately within the team. The employee is at the centre of all our policies.

Our Core behaviours



We put our users first, and always try to get better at providing top-quality service to our customers. Our empathy doesn’t end there, each of us is empathetic towards our coworkers, and gives constructive feedback whenever necessary.



We are committed to being an AI-first company, we not only create automation tools to ease the life of radiologists but also, try to automate all of our processes internally.



We take complete ownership of our work and take the responsibility for its delivery.


Dedication is Contagious, Isn’t it?

Our work is neat, but when we do that together it is beautiful. We work hard and take everyone else together.


  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Medical Insurance Program
  • 6 months of maternity leave
  • 40 paid leaves annually
  • Team Outings 1.0 (Dinners, Karaoke nights and get-togethers)
  • Work with a very talented team
  • Learning opportunities
  • Industry-specific growth skills
  • Hassle-free onboarding process
  • Team Outings 2.0 (Treks & Adventurous outstation trips)

Meenakshi’s (Our CEO) next goal is to climb mountains that are 6000+ meters in the Himalayas.

Our Leadership

Founded by Meenakshi Singh, Dr Cherian and Kuldeep Singh Chauhan in 2018, the company is creating India’s first integrated platform to use AI for automation of both clinical and back-office tasks in radiology. It also aims to improve the quality of radiology reports while making it easier for doctors to create them.


The executive officer of the company, an amazing manager, and ardent follower of Himalayan life! ⛰️

Operations Lead

Support Ninja! Making users the advocates of the product. ☎️

Dr Cherian

The operations chief and the brain behind the science of RADIOLens. Infamous for being the resident Doctor of Synapsica 🩺

Marketing Lead

The creative one! Building the brand, bringing users, and making this page a reality. 😎

Ankitha Cherian | Synapsica
Ankitha Cherian
Senior HR BP

People specialist
Not your average HR💁‍♀️. Does more than just fun Fridays!


The technology officer and the architect of RADIOLens, India’s first AI integrated PACS. Also known for his charm and amazing dance moves.

Tech Lead

Ms. Perfect. Building the product. Making AI for better radiology a reality. 👩‍💻

Sonal Nagwani | Synapsica
Sonal Nagwani
VP Design & Growth

All about design & aesthetics
FigMAA | Bringing life to our products 🧬


The Business Officer. Either bringing in the money or making a healthcare strategy. Kaching $$ 💸

Sales Lead

The rainmaker $$$$ and an exceptional singer. 🧑‍🎤

Founder's Message

``We have come together at Synapsica to change how Radiology reporting is done and the way patients are treated. We do this by bringing objectiveness and transparency to diagnostic reports.
For instance, think about Pathology reports - your blood and urine tests. Quantitative measures presented in reports compare the patient's condition against a normal range - remember blood haemoglobin levels? However, Radiology reports lack this kind of standardization and abnormalities are described subjectively without any numbers to describe the extent of disease. Our AI algorithms automatically find abnormalities in patient's scans that are reported with numbers compared against a normal standard.``

``We ask you to join us in this mission to demand and enable better healthcare. We have already taken strides to automate radiology reporting with 1500+ doctors changing the way they report and 6 lac patients seeing new standards in radiology reports. In the next phase of our growth, we are flying faster and higher. The next 2 years are going to be crucial for the Synapsica family as we shift gears towards global expansion with a new suite of AI products with deeper automation and integrations.``

We are HIRING!

Be a part of our vibrant, driven, highly motivated team culture to change the world.

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