Crescent - AI Reporting Assistant for Chest X-Rays

- Reduce your workload by 60%
- Automate Chest X-ray Reporting
- Help radiologist work on high-priority cases
Chest X ray

Automate the reporting process for normal chest xrays!

Quickly categorizes the worklist and generates detailed reports for normal chest Xrays.

Saving radiologists time and helping them focus on clinical research.

Get a risk score associated with each case in your worklist!

Crescent precisely scans each case, segregates abnormal scans in the worklist and provides them a risk score.

Each scan with abnormalities gets a percentage of risk w.r.t the level of abnormality in the case. Hence, the highly abnormal cases will get the highest risk score and will get quicker attention.

Chest Xrays
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One-click report generation

One-click report generation for all normal chest x-rays and access archived images, patient records easily.

Reduces 60% workload

Crescent reduces 60% workload of reading chest x rays at the preliminary stage by segregating normal x-rays with others.

Quicker TATs

Less waiting time for all patients with quicker TAT

Quickly triage high-priority cases with AI

Reporting centers can quickly navigate through their workload, prioritize cases and make appropriate case allocations to the Radiology panel based on the assigned risk score or criticality of the case.
  • Get better workload optimization with automatically assigned risk scores!
  • Intuitive and evidence-based reporting!
  • Get your analysis fully customized as per your requirements
  • Set it up in 15 minutes at any center. It doesn’t require any specific hardware setup, can be used from any computer.
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How much time does it take for a regular chest x-ray?

It takes less than 2 minutes for Crescent to complete a regular chest x-ray.

How does your AI integrate with my existing PACS?

Yes, Crescent can be integrated with any PACS or RIS. You can directly generate reports and import AI findings or images to your reports or upload images separately as per your convenience.

How much time would it take to install it at my center?

It takes less than 15 minutes. Crescent does not require any specific hardware setup and can be used from any computer with a browser (Chrome, Firefox) and an internet connection.

How accurate is Crescent’s X-ray detection algorithm?

Crescent’s X-ray detection algorithm is highly accurate and provides up to 99% of accuracy.

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